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Big Moose Property Owners' Association


BMPOA Annual Meeting minutes now available

posted 08/31/2022 5:46pm

The BMPOA 2022 Annual Meeting held July 23, 2022, are now available in our Documents section, or by clicking --> Here.

Spring 2022 President's Letter

updated 06/15/2022 8:19am


Founded in 1928
Dedicated to Education and Environmental Conservation,
Water Quality and Water Safety

May 31, 2022

Greetings BMPOA Members,                    

As we enter into this endemic stage of  COVID and the Big Moose summer activities return to normal, please be mindful that COVID isn’t in our rearview mirror. I would ask that we are thoughtful of vulnerable populations, respect those that mask up, and use good handwashing techniques. I have the experience that persons are testing negative for COVID well into symptom onset, so please stay home when you are not feeling well. That being said, we are looking forward to the return of the 4th of July picnic (Saturday July 2nd), later that evening Pat Duffy will host a firework display (rain date is the 3rd), and the summer festivities culminate in the Labor Day Boat parade. Also, a friendly reminder to register your boats; last year many BMPOA residents were ticketed for lack of boater registration.

Invasive Species: Thankfully, Big Moose Lake continues to have good water test results and no sign of invasive species. Our beautiful Big Moose Lake is one of only a few Adirondack Lakes that remains free of invasive species. If not appropriately inspected, boats and personal watercraft entering BML risk introducing an invasive species. Please remain extremely diligent and continue to do your part by inspecting guest’s watercraft, rental canoes, kayaks, and boats before permitting them to launch on BML. We remain grateful to Dunn’s Boat Service, Pat Duffy, Tom Clarke III, and his staff for inspecting and power washing boats as needed.

Dye Testing: The TOW plans to resume a regular dye testing schedule.

Recreation Program:  Kurt Pardue and Anne Dew have prepared an excellent Big Moose Summer Recreation Program. It begins on Monday, July 4th and ends Friday, August 12th.  See the welcome letter, activity calendar, summer safety information, and release forms.  The lake and mile swim are schedule for July 30th; there will not be a gathering following the swim.

Youth Protection Training Go to, log in or create an account. Click on the Youth Protection logo on the right of the screen. Enroll in the mandatory training to begin the course. It takes about an hour, and it is recommended you use a good internet connection. Certification is valid for two years.

Higby Road Garage Collection: Due to high diesel costs and limited man power, the TOW HAS CHANGED THE PICKUP SCHEDULE: Trash Pickup will be on Mondays only, beginning June 6th  and ending October 3rd.  There is no trash pick-up Monday July 4th or September 5th; holiday pickup is the following Tuesday. I have spoken to the TOW Public Works Supervisor extensively about my concerns for a Monday pickup only, especially as many residents leave on Sunday evening. Unfortunately, this day is non-negotiable as trucks will already be collecting trash in our area. The TOW Transfer Station is open every day except Wednesday from 8am-12PM, and opens again on Saturdays and Sundays 1PM-4PM.

White Metal Day is July 16th, 8AM-4PM (bottom of Higby and Big Moose Road intersection). If you are in the area, the TOW transfer station has a white metal and old furniture day scheduled for June 4th, 11th and 18th, please see the TOW website for more information.

Association Center In deference to those living nearby, please do not conduct activities  (unless a BMPOA designated event) on or near the Association Center past 10PM daily. The Association Center is unlocked, and an AED is now onsite until October 10th.

Continue to follow NYS guidelines regarding COVID safe practices.

Emergency Services As you are aware, the Big Moose Ambulance Company has officially closed. The Old Forge and Raquette Lake Ambulance Companies serve our area. If you are concerned about the distance these companies must travel to our location or feel we are underserved, please express your concerns to our state and local politicians. For your information,  Wellnow in New Hartford  is open 8AM  to 8PM daily (315-275-3046).

Chicken BBQ fundraiser will be on July 23rd . Contact Kurt or Maggie Pardue at 315-357-3095 to place your orders. Please pick up your chickens from 11AM-1PM.

BMPOA Annual Meeting is July 23rd at 9AM. Given the current spread of COVID variants, we will conduct a hybrid meeting for those who do not wish to attend in person. An email will be sent to all members with the meeting agenda and link a few days prior to July 23rd.

Lastly, please pay your BMPOA dues ASAP if you have not already.

Details on BMPOA and other activities are available elswhere on this website. In addition, you can follow on Social Media.  Facebook: or Instagram:

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Looking forward to seeing you in and around Big Moose Lake.

Colleen Zogby
BMPOA President

President's Letter, 2022

posted 01/23/2022 1:50pm

Big Moose Property Owners Association
Dedicated to Education, Environmental Conservation, Water Quality, and Water Safety

January 1, 2022

Dear BMPOA Members,                                                                                        

I genuinely wish you all a healthy, peaceful, and wonderful New Year! The business conducted by the BMPOA Board and Committee’s in 2021 and plans for 2022 are included in this letter.

Water Quality:  Thank you to Paul Powers, Ed Chase and, Patrick Duffy, who continue to conduct water testing per usual. Water testing for E. coli was completed in July and September, passed all the standards, and was well below recreational thresholds. The 2021 annual ALAP report will be forthcoming and available on the website. As the potential for harmful algal blooms continues to be of concern, please review NYS laws regarding the restriction of fertilizer use near lakefront property

Invasive Species: Kurt Purdue inspected the lake as planned despite the high water and reduced clarity. He noted areas where bladderwort broke free and exposed the lake bottom, increasing the potential for invasive species to root. A hearty thank you to Dunn's Boat Service for all you do in inspecting and washing boats, the Waldheim and Covewood for monitoring your boat launches, and to Kurt Purdue for your dedication and service. 

Recreation Program: The preventive measures taken by our summer recreation program were a great success. The program focused on outdoor activities, led by Kurt and Maggie Purdue, and Anne Dew. Thank you to the Shore’s for graciously hosting swim lessons! For a few days or the entire summer, we welcome new members! The calendar will be made available in April so that families can prepare.

Youth Protection: Our Youth Protection Policy includes online training, background checks for employees, and the three R’s; Recognize, Respond, and Report. The education included in this program is invaluable. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, or neighbor of young children, we encourage you to log on and take the course! All Board and Committee members are required to maintain their certification.

BMPOA Dock: The primary purpose of the BMPOA Dock (located at the end of Higby Road and adjacent to the public parking area) is to provide BMPOA members whose summer homes are accessible only by boat with a place to moor boat(s). A secondary purpose is to provide temporary dockage (not overnight) for BMPOA members to attend sponsored activities or events at the Association Center. Dockage of personal watercraft and recreational activities are not permitted. If you are new to the BMPOA or are unsure of the policy, please review it, located on the BMPOA website. New signage regarding this policy is posted at the dock.

Boat House Bubblers: Please continue to improve communication and awareness regarding boathouse bubblers by using a light, strobe, or thin ice sign. These cautionary markers will help to alert lake users of dangerous open water or thin ice.

Financials: The BMPOA remains in good financial standing. Our annual income is roughly $45,000, and we run a breakeven budget. Much appreciation is given to Richard Widdecombe and Paul Van Slyke, who continue to work tirelessly overseeing the budget with a review by CPA Joe Hanlon. Please make Richard's job easier by promptly paying your dues. We have moved to an online platform and are considering an online payment system in the future.

Strack House and Community Center Buildings: We conducted some necessary groundwork and repairs, including removing downed trees from the Association Center property in the spring. The Strack House stove and septic tank have been replaced, and lights have been purchased for the Association Center, which are expected to be installed in the coming months. Thank you, Don Dew for helping maintain our buildings and grounds.

First Responder Support: Last year, the Big Moose Ambulance Company announced it would be closing its doors due to the lack of volunteers. SafeTech, a consultant agency, was hired to study the emergency service issues in our surrounding area and to present a sustainable and viable program for the future. While a solution has not been finalized, any decision will strongly impact the availability and accessibility of emergency services to all of us. A link to SafeTech’s presentation can be found on our Facebook page for more information.

Water Safety: Thank you, Sara Winch, for all the hard work you do in helping to assure water safety. Be mindful of safe swimming practices by ensuring you do not swim alone and are accompanied by a paddler. Please regularly check your boats for working bow and stern lights and all proper safety gear. In addition, you will want to update your registration before your boat enters the water, as tickets were issued last year.

Social Media: As we head into 2022, we continue to see the importance of staying connected virtually. Our BMPOA Facebook page and Instagram are growing. Our social media content will continue to be driven by BMPOA information. We are open to feedback as well. Please feel free to reach out to us via a message on either platform.

Fireworks: For legal reasons, the BMPOA cannot collect donations for Patrick Duffy’s upcoming 4th of July display. If you are interested in privately donating to Patrick, his address is 146 Glenmore Road, Eagle Bay.

Lastly, please post the BMPOA Dock and Invasive Species policy for your renters and guests. 

Healthy and warm wishes for the New Year,

Colleen Zogby
BMPOA President                        cell: 315-243-5890  

Additional information from the BMPOA President

posted 01/23/2022 1:53pm

Shortly after the Annual President’s letter was mailed, the Big Moose Ambulance Company officially closed its doors. It has never been more important than now to stay well informed on the challenges and changes impacting emergency services in the Big Moose Lake vicinity and area at large. Please review SafeTech’s presentation regarding the future of emergency services in our area.

SafeTech’s presentation:

In addition, several important policies and links were mentioned in the Annual Presidents Letter. For ease of access, those links are posted here:

Adirondack Lake Assessment Program (ALAP) 2020/ Big Moose Lake:

NYS Laws regarding fertilizer use near lake front property:

BMPOA Invasive Species Policy Adopted May 2016:

Youth Protection Program: Recognize, Respond, Report:

BMPOA Dock Policy:

Looking forward to seeing you all this upcoming BML summer of ’22 season.


Colleen Zogby
President BMPOA


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Loyal to the Lake

updated 05/31/2015 5:00pm

The love of a lake is a curious thing.  It never alters.  The lake may be a very small one, with broad shallows and little depth, but it is his lake, to which all other lakes, great and small, are compared--and always unfavorably...For years the man who loves a lake has watched it lying quiet as gold leaf under a July moon, has seen it toss in an August wind like a child in a tantrum, has seen it catch the blue of the September sky and deepen it.  Everything about the lake may be familiar, yet he knows that whenever he takes his boat out, to go round and round once more, he will note something unnoticed before...No wonder that when a man loves one lake, his lake is always alive.


--William Chapman White
Just About Everything in the Adirondacks, 1960

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