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Big Moose Property Owners' Association


Spring 2023 President's Letter

updated 06/12/2023 4:22pm

Founded in 1928

Promoting informed stewardship of our environment, appreciation for and preservation of our natural and cultural legacy within the Adirondack Park, water safety for children and adults, and enjoyable social interaction among individuals, families and all members of the community-at-large.

BMPOA Members:

The summer season is kicking off! We look forward to an exciting summer. Please read on for information regarding our lake and our plans for the season.

Lake Events:

  • July 1 – Beginning of Summer Picnic – Information will follow via e-mail!
  • July 15 – Sunfish Sailboat Race – New this year! More details to follow.
  • July 22 – Annual Meeting and Chicken BBQ. The annual meeting begins at 9:00, with donuts at 8:30. The chicken BBQ fundraiser follows, with chickens ready at noon. This year, picnic tables will be set up to enjoy your chicken hot off the grill! Bring your own place settings and beverage of choice and share the fun while supporting the BMPOA recreation program!
  • July 29 – Lake Swim
  • Aug 5 – Chapel Bazaar
  • Sept 2nd – Labor Day Boat Parade

 Water Quality

Invasive Species: Big Moose Lake continues to be free of Aquatic Invasive Species. Continued diligence by each of us by inspecting our own and our guests’ watercraft (including boats, jet skis, canoes, kayaks, sailboats, etc.) will go a long way in helping us maintain an invasive free lake. Special thanks to Dunn’s for providing inspection services. Beginning this year, with the BMPOA’s full support, Dunn’s will inspect all boats not from this lake upon entry, regardless of whether it has been inspected/tagged at one of State boat washing centers. 

At the annual meeting we will be introducing the opportunity for lake members to become “Lake Protectors,” a program in which participants can be citizen scientists and help monitor the lake for invasive species. Follow this link for more information:

Dye testing: The Town of Webb Dye Testing of septic systems will continue. There is no cost to you for these tests. The BMPOA covers the cost. The goal is to test properties approximately every 3 years to assure properly functioning septic systems.

Recreation Program

Kurt Pardue and Anne Dew have put together another outstanding schedule for our youth. The Big Moose Summer Recreation Program begins Monday July 3rd, and concludes Friday, August 11th. Thanks in advance to Dick and Faith Shore for hosting the swim lessons at their beach! The calendar, registration form and welcome letters may be found here.

Lifeguard wanted: We are seeking a lifeguard for our Recreation Program swim lessons. If you, your child or anyone you know is interested in exploring this opportunity or what is involved in becoming a lifeguard, please contact Kurt Pardue.

Youth Protection Training: Youth Protection training continues to be a vitally important part of our culture and mindset. While all Board members and employees are required to take the training, we strongly encourage our membership, regardless of whether they have kids participating in programs, to take the training. It is very informative and relevant to our home lives and well as our lives here in Big Moose. The training can be found and Follow the prompts to create an account and begin the course.


Higby Road Garbage Collection: Mondays, 9am – 10 am beginning June 5th through October 10th. July 3rd will be as normal (no holiday change); Monday September 9/4 is moved to Tuesday 9/5. If you need to dispose of trash outside the Monday time slot, the Old Forge transfer station is open daily, excluding Wednesday, from 8 am – noon, with additional hours on Saturday and Sunday from 1pm – 4pm. Closed Wednesdays.

White Metal Day: July 15th 8am – 4pm at the intersection of Big Moose and Higby roads

Association Center:

  • In deference to those living nearby, please refrain from using the association center past 10 p.m. 
  • The AED is now onsite through Columbus Day. 
  • It has become practice for some members who are unable to have packages delivered directly to their camp to use the center for package delivery. Please recognize that BMPOA has no responsibility for these packages, with the recipient assuming the risk for any lost packages. 

Water Safety

New York State has been phasing in boating license requirements for all ages. Paul Littman will be teaching a course for the recreation program, which may also be joined by adults, space permitting. The course will be taught 7/11-7/13 from 9:00am-12:00pm. There are also online courses available. Information regarding all classes will be posted in Association Center. The phase in details can be seen HERE.

As a note, New York recognizes the boating safety certificate issued by your home state.

Community Updates

Boat registration and compliance: As you are aware, there has been stepped up interest over the past few years in compliance to boater registration requirements from our law enforcement. The BMPOA is supportive of the police efforts in complying with New York State laws. 

As such, from time to time you may see the Webb Police department on the BMPOA dock checking for compliance.  The Board has given permission for the Webb Police Department to access the dock for purposes of inspecting boats moored at the dock in the furtherance of enforcing compliance with boat registration, hull numbering and validation sticker requirements.  We believe this is in the best interests of the lake and is a practical response to assist our law enforcement members.

Emergency Services: As we all know, with the closing of the Big Moose Ambulance Service, coverage for our area was picked up by the Old Forge Volunteer Ambulance Corps (OFVAC). I recently touched base with its Chief of Operations, Danielle Hoepfl, to see how the service was going. The following is some information she shared.

  • In 2022 there were less than 2 dozen calls to the Big Moose area.
  • Old Forge has 24/7 paramedic on site, and drivers on-call. So, time to wheels in motion is approximately 3 minutes. This will offset some of the response time differential (typical volunteer services are 10 min or more to wheels in motion). Inlet has 24/7 paramedics as well during the summer months.
  • Old Forge is taking this very seriously and wants to provide the best service possible. At the end of July 2022, their team of about 20 people drilled with the BML Fire Department and drove all the roads in the area (including the private roads) to familiarize themselves with the area. If the ambulance can get there, they will drive there.
  • Old Forge is working on grants to provide broader mobile medic services which we will be able to utilize. 
  • The Big Moose Fire Dept is now being toned on all calls of a medical nature, so there is local awareness to assist immediately.
  • There are 4 local designated helicopter landing places directly around the lake – Darts Lake, the Chapel parking lot, the Association Center, and the Big Moose station, as well as others further removed.
  • A 911 dispatcher can immediately put helicopters on standby based on the nature of the call. They do not need to wait for local assessment.

I wanted to share this information to demonstrate the commitment that the OFVAC has to effectively serve our community. I will continue to stay abreast of our services.

Follow us on social media – in addition to our web site,, BMPOA has its own Facebook and Instagram pages! These pages are separate from the Big Moose Lake group and deliver content specific to our membership.

Marge Correll
President, BMPOA


Fall 2022 President's Letter

BMPOA Members:

As we wrap up the fall and head into winter, I wanted to provide an update on a few important topics.  First, I want to thank Colleen Zogby for all her hard work. Following the Annual meeting, Colleen stepped down from the presidency to allow her to better focus her energies on pursuing her doctorate, while working full time. It was a very difficult decision for her, but she felt she couldn’t do justice to the President’s role, and it is not in her nature to give anything less than a 100%. We wish her great success in her work. I have some big shoes to fill.

Season Wrap-up: A couple of items as we close out the 2022 year:


We completed our twice-per-summer water testing for E. Coli, conducted in July and September and we continue to have outstanding results. Approximately 20 sites are sampled around the lake and all are well below recreational thresholds. Thanks to Paul Powers, Patrick Duffy and Ed Chase for spearheading this effort.

Results from the Adirondack Lake Assessment Program (ALAP), which looks at 10 various water quality measures including alkalinity and transparency, will post its results in the winter and will be shared when available.


Kurt Pardue conducted his annual invasives survey of the lake (thanks, Kurt!) and found no aquatic invasives present. Additionally, we were the beneficiaries of a periodic lake survey sponsored and paid for by Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program (APIPP), and conducted by ADK research. This study was quite thorough with two boats evaluating and mapping the shoreline as well as sampling for aquatic animal invasives, such as the spiny waterflea. The preliminary results have concluded that we remain invasives free! We were very pleased with the results and the process.

The lake survey is potentially available to us every third year (subject to funding and schedules).  We can also contract directly with the researchers to conduct the survey annually, for a price, to enhance monitoring and early detection of invasives. We are still working through an evaluation of the cost vs. benefit of doing so. While not budgeted, we have anticipated the impact within the budget should we decide to move forward.


The Adirondack Emergency Communication Towers are under construction! The twin towers are located on a mountaintop above Limekiln Road in Inlet to serve the emergency communications needs of the communities of Inlet, Raquette Lake, Big Moose, Eagle Bay and surrounding areas. The goal is to have the site ready for utilities by the end of the year. Click here for more information:


We have been formally recognized by the Adirondack Center for Loon Conservation for our efforts to support our loons, including managing fishing line recycling collection tubes, lake cleanup efforts and educational efforts including signage and pamphlets available for residents and renters. Thanks to Barry Levin for coordinating this certification! More information can be found at:


Although there is no ice yet, please prepare to make others aware of boathouse bubblers by using a light, strobe or thin ice sign. These markers will help alert lake users of dangerous open water or thin ice.


As was mentioned in the annual meeting, our finances are strong, but we have begun to run at an operating deficit. As the budget was prepared for the 2023 season, it became clear to the Board that it was time to raise dues. This was not taken lightly. All of us have personally felt the impact of inflation in our own households, and the BMPOA has as well. Even with a conservative approach, the budget is up in excess of 15% over the prior year. It has been nearly 15 years since dues were raised.

Our goal is to operate on a break-even basis. We have a solid reserve which we look to maintain to handle unforeseen expenses (such as the removal last year of trees from the Association Center field), or other additions to the budget (such as the annual invasives lake survey described above).

The Board approved the 2023 BMPOA membership rates as follows:

  • Full Members: $150
  • Associate Members: $75

Full Members are defined as the property owner or the designated representative for the property. While the designated representative carries the voting power at BMPOA meetings, it is not uncommon to have more than one individual paying a full membership rate.

Associate Members are defined as any status other than an owner of record of real property.

The dues notice will be sent in January reflecting these amounts. The process will be primarily online this year, using our Constant Contact platform.


The Board would like to ask for your help in encouraging family members to join as Associate Members. By helping to spread the mission of lake quality and safety, they can actively participate in supporting the lake they love. With our online approach to dues this year, it will be very easy for you to forward the January dues notice to all family members where they can simply click the link and join! Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season.

Marge Correll
President, BMPOA


Big Moose Ambulance Donates Funds to Area Fire and Ambulance Companies

posted 01/06/2023 5:43pm

Big Moose, NY (December 13, 2022)

Big Moose Ambulance Company (BMAC) made its last Emergency Medical Service (EMS) call in December 2021. Due to ever challenging volunteer issues and after over 50 years of Community EMS and Rescue Service to the community BMAC was forced to terminate operations and dissolve the corporation.

As part of its evaluation BMAC invested over $20,000 to contract with a well-recognized Emergency Medical Services Consultant to explore the EMS needs of the Central Adirondack area. Their report made various recommendations for management of EMS in the area that could be useful in the future.

Over the years The Big Moose Community has been extremely generous with donations and support of BMAC. After selling its ambulance to Blue Mountain Lake Fire Company and receiving final insurance recovery funds BMAC was left with over $270,000. BMAC is a 501 (c) (3) Not for Profit Corporation and as required by IRS Regulations that remaining funds may only be conveyed to other 501 (c) (3) Corporations.

Following long and thoughtful consideration BMAC the corporation will dissolve and has determined that funds should be distributed to several local Fire and EMS Organizations.

In a presentation made December 10 at the Eagle Bay Fire Department, Big Moose Ambulance presented Big Moose Fire Company (BMFC) with $145,000 that will be used to design and purchase a new Rescue/Fire Boat replacing a Fire Boat that has been in operation for over 60 years. BMFC provides fire suppression and rescue services to northern most Herkimer County including Big Moose Lake, Big Moose Station, Twitchell Lake and Stillwater Lake areas. All the lakes have many camps that are boat access only, requiring the need to evacuate ill or injured citizens and transport fire and EMS Personnel as well as equipment to the scene by boat. The new Rescue/Fire Boat will be 24 ft long and 8.5 ft. wide with 36” dual pontoons. It will be Powered by a 200 HP Yamaha Motor, two 64 HP, 750 GPM Darley water pumps for fire suppression, gurney holder and suitable hose and tools for fire suppression, a Tommy Lift on front to lift patients or other items out of the water and GPS side scan sonar. In addition, it will have an aluminum canopy with clear side curtains, and a fully galvanized trailer so it can be hauled to other lakes. BMFD will support any EMS Operations in its Service Area.

Old Forge Volunteer Ambulance Corps (OFVAC) who provides primary EMS/Ambulance service to the Big Moose area is backed up by Inlet Volunteer Emergency Services (IVES), each received $48,000. Raquette Lake Volunteer Ambulance Squad (RLVAS), a secondary backup, received $19,000 and Eagle Bay Fire Department (EBFD) which is primary backup for BMFD received $10,000.

Sarah Dew BMAC President stated “BMAC is very thankful to the Big Moose Community for its support over the years and looks forward to the other EMS and Fire Agencies providing professional EMS Services to Big Moose in the future.”

Left to Right: Mark Bird - RLFD; George Peterson, Jr.- Inlet Ambulance; Paul A. Scheidelman - Inlet Ambulance; Roger Pratt -Big Moose Ambulance; Sarah Dew - Big Moose Ambulance; Steve Baker - Big Moose Ambulance; Jason Pratt Big- Moose Fire Department; Gary Staab - Old Forge Ambulance; Dan Rivet - Old Forge Ambulance and Shane Beech - Eagle Bay Fire Department.

BMPOA Annual Meeting minutes now available

posted 08/31/2022 5:46pm

The BMPOA 2022 Annual Meeting held July 23, 2022, are now available in our Documents section, or by clicking --> Here.

Welcome to!

BMPOA.COM is a one-stop source of information about the Big Moose Property Owners' Association and about upcoming Big Moose and area events and activities.


Loyal to the Lake

updated 05/31/2015 5:00pm

The love of a lake is a curious thing.  It never alters.  The lake may be a very small one, with broad shallows and little depth, but it is his lake, to which all other lakes, great and small, are compared--and always unfavorably...For years the man who loves a lake has watched it lying quiet as gold leaf under a July moon, has seen it toss in an August wind like a child in a tantrum, has seen it catch the blue of the September sky and deepen it.  Everything about the lake may be familiar, yet he knows that whenever he takes his boat out, to go round and round once more, he will note something unnoticed before...No wonder that when a man loves one lake, his lake is always alive.


--William Chapman White
Just About Everything in the Adirondacks, 1960

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