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Big Moose Property Owners' Association

Welcome to!

Your board of directors recongizes that US Postal Service mailings to members are very expensive and often not very timely.  This web site was commissioned to provide more up-to-date information about happenings at Big Moose and within the BMPOA to members more cost effectively.  By saving at least three mailings per year, the site pays for itself in reduced postage.  The operational cost for the first year is being underwritten by a generous donation.  We anticipate that we will operate the web site in subsequent years without cost to the Association by offering area merchants the opportunity to advertise along the bottom and/or sides of several of our pages in exchange for a reasonable placement fee.

The site is hosted by a company which specializes in operating web sites for homeowners' associations, and there are many features that we'll explore in the first year.  If you have suggestions about information you'd like to see on the site, or have a suggestion for improvement, please send a note to

Hints and tips for getting around the Web Site offers a calendar of lake events, access to the Recreation schedule and participant release form, Association bylaws, contact information for board members and officers, current and past water test reports, Eagle Bay weather, and several interactive features, such as the ability for members to post classified ads (maybe someone wants that 1965 Sunfish in your boathouse that you haven't used in 20 years!) and offers of babysitting and other services.  Be sure to check out the "Classifieds" tab under the banner or in the left margin navigator under "Services".

Another feature is a set of forums, which we hope will be used by members to have ongoing discussions about any items of general interest.  Good hikes in the Big Moose area, discussion of assessments, or any other item of interest may be discussed.  We just ask that you be respectful in your postings.

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